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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Automatically Condense, Clean, and Complete your IBM i Spool Files


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The way business is conducted varies vastly from organization to organization. The one thing all iSeries (AS400) application users have in common, however, is their dependence on spool files.As an IBM i (iSeries) application user, the odds are that every time you need to send out an invoice, purchase order, order acknowledgement, or some other business document, you have to create a spool file. Powerful as they are, spool files can often cause a headache. They get lost on the way to the printer or sometimes jump all over the page – causing a single line of unnecessary information to waste an entire page. At the end of the day, spool files are an essential part of printing business documents, but managing them can be frustrating. Quadrant Software's Formatter can help you take a large step towards taming the unruly spool file.


Quadrant Software's Formatter is an essential component of the company's Formtastic Electronic Forms solution. Formatter focuses on one of the main processes involved in the electronic document distribution cycle: formatting spool file data and other database data to ensure all necessary (and only necessary) data appears on your forms.


Formatter is a spool-file pre-processor that lets you reposition and enhance important information while eliminating the redundant data that sometimes winds up appearing on every document page. Formatter also enables you to capture important data required for your forms that exists outside of your spool file data via advanced database queries. With Formatter, you can cut overall form page counts by up to 75 percent without any programming. And, when used in conjunction with Quadrant Software's Formtastic solution, Formatter transforms bulky, outdated documents into concise, professional, digital forms.


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"Formatter and Formtastic has allowed us to make qualitative improvements to just about every piece of correspondence that we send to customers or vendors. When I'm asked about changing our forms, I always say 'I'm sure we can do that.'' Diane Toby, Peruvian Connection




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