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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Bowman Distribution, a business unit of the Barnes Group, needed a cost control technology that included an automated fax solution that integrated with Bowman’s application vendor System21 (GEAC).


FastFax seamlessly integrates with Bowman’s System21 (GEAC), an ERP solution, to increase employee productivity while reducing the costs associated with manual faxing of time-sensitive business documents. Bowman faxes approximately 115 purchase orders per week, about 500 invoices per month and most general correspondence through FastFax.


“There’s no build up at the fax machine.”

Julie Young,  Purchasing Department Supervisor,  Bowman Distribution

“I don’t have to go through the stationery department for franking and mailing, FastFax saves the wait.”

Alison Norris, Senior Analyst Programmer, Bowman Distribution

“We are aware that we are only using a portion of what this product can deliver, we have recently incorporated FastFax on our PC desktop environment and look forward to using more of the ‘high-tech’ FastFax features.”

Nigel Bell, European IT Manager MIS, Bowman Distribution

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