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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

FastFax Advantage: Selecting a Quality Fax Solution

Our IBM i fax white paper helps you sort through the sales hype and recognize the features you need to gain maximum ROI in the shortest time period. Using this guide, you can accurately compare fax vendor offerings with confidence. It also details how FastFax handles each feature and the resulting benefits. On the surface, most iSeries fax solutions look alike and the vendors make all the same promises. To get the right fax solution for your company, you need to ask informed questions and quickly identify the industry leaders.


You'll find out:

  • What features and functions are critical to achieving accelerated ROI
  • The questions to ask after a sales rep says, "Yes. We do that."
  • Distribute incoming faxed documents to the appropriate person or department
  • How to ensure that you get the tech support your deserve
  • Critical fax solution features that you may not even know about
  • How to distinguish between true system integration and a system of workarounds
  • How to pick an iSeries fax solution that grows with your company

This white paper explains scores of different features and functions, how they benefit you, and which ones are critical for your company. The guide will also help you quickly weed out iSeries fax solutions so you can concentrate on the real contenders who provide rapid ROI with minimal headaches. Download the FastFax Advantage: Selecting a Quality Fax Solution White Paper today so you can fully understand the necessities of getting mission-critical documents directly to their correct destination.




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