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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Formtastic Advantage: Selecting an IBM i Forms Solution

This electronic forms white paper lists common and unique features that you should consider when comparing forms solutions. It also details how our Formtastic Forms handles each feature and provides benefits and ROI. Find out how to research, evaluate, and buy electronic forms solutions that eliminate costly pre-printed forms & specialty printers while cutting page counts by 50-75%.

Key topics covered include:

  • What critical tools and features are found in powerful and effective electronic forms solutions
  • What exactly should electronic forms solution tools deliver in the areas of Forms Creation, Forms Production, and Forms Distribution and Archiving
  • How to differentiate between "good" and "bad" vendors, and what questions you should be asking
  • How to ensure that you chose an electronic forms solution that best meets your organization's needs

On the surface, most competing software packages may look the same, but each will deliver different levels of performance and efficiency. Become educated in a snap by utilizing this informative white paper.




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