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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Rexair Success


Faced with mounting costs for delivering documents via fax and using pre-printed forms, Rexair decided to invest in a Document Output Management solution that would automate the document distribution tasks and streamline their processes. Even after purchasing a solution, employees still found themselves manually faxing over 60 faxes per day, which resulted in over 25 wasted hours per week, and the company was outsourcing their broadcast faxing, which cost them approximately $2,500 per year. The worst part, however, was that that they estimated that over $1,500 in programming was spent every time a form was changed. Overall, the company estimated that these inefficiencies were costing them over $25,000 per year.


Familiar with Quadrant Software's reputation and attentive staff, Rexair decided to invest in Quadrant Software's FastFax, Formtastic, and Email Gateway solutions. The company was empowered with the ability to automatically fax various custom forms such as order and shipment confirmations, purchase orders, and invoices, directly from their Infor System21 applications. Employees were also empowered with advanced tools and features, such as the ability to send and receive faxes directly from MS Outlook, or fax documents directly from Infor System21, Word, and Excel. Rexair was equally impressed with the FastFax broadcast fax option, which enabled them to create different fax groups of customers, grouped by state, country, area code, etc.

From an IT perspective, Rexair was able to get rid of many of the proprietary items, and enhance the ease of use for both employee and IT staff. Using Formtastic, for example, the company could instantly and easily create or change forms using a Formtastic GUI. This proved to be so simple, that Rexair began creating "in-house"  forms that they previously outsourced. Formerly, for example, Rexair outsourced the creation of their benefits statements. By creating that form with Formtastic, the company managed to save $10,000 a year.

Rexair also began discovering the flexibility and more advanced options of FastFax and Formtastic. In terms of options, they easily created a command key in the System21 purchasing applications that allows employees to see, in a PDF format, the last purchase order sent to a client. This was possible because FastFax keeps a history of fax transactions by storing a copy of each document sent or received. By default, this also means that Rexair no longer had to deal with lost or misplaced documents. The company also experienced a significant reduction in costs in regards to check printing. Previously, the company used expensive preprinted checks to print A/P checks. Hence every time a change was made, old checks were discarded. Using the Formtastic Check module, Rexair could design and print all their checks onto blank safety stock "in-house." They were surprised at how painless it was to update their company name, contact info, or even change banks using Formtastic. For Rexair, moving to Quadrant Software was the right solution. Rexair felt that the solutions paid for themselves in a very short time.


"Any time that I've done anything where software touches my various servers, it's usually ugly. This was a pretty simple install. Quadrant really knows their stuff. It was seamless. It was that easy."

"Because Quadrant Software solutions were easy to use, faxing and emailing went up considerably. Currently, we send out 15,000 documents per month through the Quadrant System."

"We didn't calculate ROI, but the changes were drastic. We know we drastically improved productivity and
communications. We eliminated 15 fax machines and, consequently, our monthly phone line charges. We cut postage costs significantly. We feel that the software paid for itself in a very short time."

"It takes a few minutes to change our A/P check and we do not have to order new checks or throw old ones away."

"Quadrant Software exceeded our expectations with a seamless install, and all the bells and whistles we were looking for. Not to mention a support team that is second to none."

Steve Prill, IT Operations Manager, Rexair

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