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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Prior to the implementation of FastFax for Domino, Roto Rooter depended on IBM’s Domino Fax for i for their document delivery needs. In early 2011, IBM announced that they removed the IBM Domino Fax for i product from the market and support was ending in April 2012. The customer, Roto Rooter, needed a seamless transition for faxing documents from Lotus Notes, so they turned to Quadrant Software.


FastFax for Domino allows Roto Rooter’s users to send, receive, and manage fax and email using Lotus Notes. From purchase orders to invoices and from sales quotes to sales order confirmations, users save time and money through the familiarity of IBM Lotus Notes (Domino) and the reliability of the industry leading fax server.

Recommended by IBM as a seamless replacement for Domino Fax for i, FastFax for Domino fully integrates into the Lotus Notes client for easy formatting and delivery of faxes. Sending and receiving faxes is as simple as sending and receiving emails, with no additional email software required to provide plug-and-play simplicity.

The main users of FastFax for Domino are Roto Rooter call center users. They use the solution mostly for commercial customer orders in which document delivery is handled through Lotus Notes and FastFax for Domino.


“The implementation went really smooth. The base of the product and setup were very similar,” says Dave Stall, i5 Hardware and Operating Systems Manager, Roto Rooter. “Our users don’t even know we made the switch. It was seamless for them. The only thing they know is that faxes no longer come in as TIFs… they are PDFs. I have not had one phone call questioning what we had done.”

“FastFax for Domino has a lot more flexibility than what we used to have and gives us much more control,” comments Stall. “We haven’t had to touch the product since we had it up and running. That’s a good thing around here!”

“Some of the tools in FastFax are very intuitive,” says Dave Stall, Roto Rooter. “There are a couple of features thatQuadranthas that we didn’t have in the old software. For example, resending a fax that has problems… it’s easier to get to and see what the problems are. In the old system you could see where it failed, and we’d get hung up on researching what when wrong. Also customizing cover sheets is a lot easier.”

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