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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Our FastFax Server Tune-Up includes a one-day onsite visit from one of our Professional Services Engineers and guarantees that your system will run at peak efficiency. Optimize and upgrade FastFax, obtain User and Administrator Training, and learn new tips, tricks and techniques.

Get a FastFax Server Tune-Up!
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FastFax Tune-Up Includes:

FastFax Updates:
  • Update FastFax to the latest release
  • Install Anti-Virus software on FastFax server
Users Settings:
  • Remove old user profiles
  • Update fax resolution settings for all users
  • Set 'Save Copy' to the appropriate value
  • Set priorities for important faxes
  • Enable and provide training on 'Cost Account Reporting'
  • Provide training and enable iSeries 400 clients to view faxes using PC Viewer
  • Enable auto-update for Windows clients
Optimizing WRKFAXJOB:
  • Review process to clean up 'ERR' faxes
  • Review process to fix bad fax numbers in database
  • Review FastFax throughput and determine if inbound / outbound faxes are being processed in the most efficient manner
  • Explain the 'workfaxjob' screen
  • Review FastFax system status functionality (F9) in detail.
Optimize Administrative Tools:
  • Review all administrative settings on FastFax Server
  • Review all FastFax commands on iSeries 400
  • On box (endffx, strffx, registry tool)
  • Update settings on Windows client
  • Review and provide training on all product documentation
  • Introduce ClickScholar online training
System Settings:
  • Configure & schedule system purge
  • Configure & schedule iSeries 400 purge
  • Configure & schedule system scan times
  • Turn off scan times for features that are not used
  • Enable system messages (*SYS) for all environments
  • Enable & optimize batch delivery
  • Enable 'Batching Summary Cover'
  • Enable 'Delay for Retry'
  • Optimize all outbound / inbound routing rules
  • Extractor templates set to scan that are no longer used
  • Place logos and graphics on fax cover sheets
  • Enable and provide training for activity reports
  • Enable auto-starting for NetServer
  • Enable auto-starting FastFax
Logs/Traces Enhancements:
  • Turn off logging on the iSeries 400
  • Turn off trace file on the iSeries 400
  • Clear the trace file on the iSeries 400
  • Training on using FastFax server logs
  • Review the processor log for errors
  • Review the processor event log for errors