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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

When you need your Document Output Management (DOM) solutions running ASAP, our Professional Services Team will walk you through install, integration, and user/administrator training for Quadrant Software solutions to ensure that you know our products inside and out.

Quadrant Software offers a wide variety of Professional Services packages. For more information email or call 508-594-2700.

Onsite Professional Services:

We send our experts to your site to install our solutions onto all of the required environments and provide a detailed explanation of all aspects implementation process. We will also resolve any site-specific issues that occur during installation.

Administrator Training
Provides detailed and critical training on our solutions' enterprise-wide architecture, its exclusive benefits, and how it interacts with your network platform(s). Our Administrator training regimen combines expert instruction and real-world administrator exercises.

User Training
We provide users with hands-on training in their own familiar environments. Users gain critical experience on all aspects of using, managing, and troubleshooting our DOM solutions.

Customized Training
Every network is different and perhaps yours requires specialized care. No problem. Quadrant Software can fully customize our implementation and training programs to suit your specific needs for both users and administrators.

FastFax Server Tune-Up
Our FastFax Server Tune-Up provides a one-day onsite visit from a Professional Services Engineers and guarantees that your system will run at peak efficiency. The tune-up includes training, upgrades, and optomization. Click here for details!