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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

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Optimize & Upgrade FastFax
Upgrade Training for Users & Administrators
Learn New Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Our FastFax Server Tune-Up includes a one-day onsite visit from one of our Professional Services Engineers and guarantees that your system will run at peak efficiency.

Get a FastFax Server Tune-Up!
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FastFax Server Tune-Up Includes:
FastFax Updates:
  • Update FastFax to the latest release
  • Install Anti-Virus software on FastFax server
Users Settings:
  • Remove old user profiles
  • Update fax resolution settings for all users
  • Set 'Save Copy' to the appropriate value
  • Set priorities for important faxes
  • Enable and provide training on 'Cost Account Reporting'
  • Provide training and enable iSeries 400 clients to view faxes using PC Viewer
  • Enable auto-update for Windows clients
Optimizing WRKFAXJOB:
  • Review process to clean up 'ERR' faxes
  • Review process to fix bad fax numbers in database
  • Review FastFax throughput and determine if inbound / outbound faxes are being processed in the most efficient manner
  • Explain the 'workfaxjob' screen
  • Review FastFax system status functionality (F9) in detail.
Optimize Administrative Tools:
  • Review all administrative settings on FastFax Server
  • Review all FastFax commands on iSeries 400
  • On box (endffx, strffx, registry tool)
  • Update settings on Windows client
  • Review and provide training on all product documentation
  • Introduce ClickScholar online training
System Settings:
  • Configure & schedule system purge
  • Configure & schedule iSeries 400 purge
  • Configure & schedule system scan times
  • Turn off scan times for features that are not used
  • Enable system messages (*SYS) for all environments
  • Enable & optimize batch delivery
  • Enable 'Batching Summary Cover'
  • Enable 'Delay for Retry'
  • Optimize all outbound / inbound routing rules
  • Extractor templates set to scan that are no longer used
  • Place logos and graphics on fax cover sheets
  • Enable and provide training for activity reports
  • Enable auto-starting for NetServer
  • Enable auto-starting FastFax
Logs/Traces Enhancements:
  • Turn off logging on the iSeries 400
  • Turn off trace file on the iSeries 400
  • Clear the trace file on the iSeries 400
  • Training on using FastFax server logs
  • Review the processor log for errors
  • Review the processor event log for errors