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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

FastFax has the capability to automatically send a confirmation fax to the sender of an inbound fax.  This is set up within entries in the Inbound Routing Table.  There needs to be a method to determine who sent the inbound fax to you.  You can use the ANI (Automatic Number Identification) on a PRI type T1 line, or you can use the TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification) – that is, the identification stamp printed at the top of the page by the sending fax machine.

You can make and modify entries in the Inbound Routing Table via iSeries and/or FastFax PC Client/WindowFax screens.

From the iSeries:

FFXMAIN è Option #5 (Configuration) è Option #5 (Inbound Routing Table)

F6=Create, or place a 2=Change on an existing entry

Scroll down to the second page


From WindowFax:

Launch the FaxBar

FastFax Administration icon èConfiguration è Inbound Routing Table

Go to “Edit” and select New Table Entry, or double-click on an existing entry

Go to the Confirmation tab


Based on the criterion in the Inbound Routing Table entry (that is, a match on an ANI or TSI value), the confirmation will cause a one-page outbound fax to be generated to and sent to the person/company that you specify.  You can use one of your standard fax cover sheets, or you could develop and use a custom cover sheet just for inbound fax confirmations.  Also note that you can select whether or not to send a confirmation if the inbound fax is received in error status, and then what cover sheet to use.

The outbound one-page confirmation fax includes summary information the fax sent to you (including the date, time, number of pages) and an image of the first page of the inbound fax for reference.  That image is automatically resized and rotated (from portrait to landscape) based on the space available on your confirmation fax design.

Here’s a sample:


* Please note – this feature is available in FastFax 4.7.0 and above