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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

The sum of the parts

We’ve all heard that the sum of all parts is greater than each individual piece, but what does that really mean to process technology?

Let’s take this Independence Day weekend as an example. What makes it special and different from other summer weekends? Typical summer events: a barbecue,  family and friends gathering, fireworks, a cold beverage, a boat ride, s’mores, a day off from work–on their own are fun summer activites. But because all these fun summer activites occur *together* that is what makes it a favorite holiday and one that is memorable.

It is that same approach with business process technology and solution selling. Companies all have products, some that are exceptional and others that are simply necessary, a few fortunate products fall into both categories.  Quadrant Software is no different; with over 3500 customers, clearly we have a superior product that companies need.  Well then, you ask, why is this blog entry entitled ‘the sum of the parts?’ Easy, back to my weekend analogy.  While our products and support are exceptional, what truly sets the new Quadrant Software apart is our willingness to identify our customer’s complete business problem and our ability to assemble all necessary pieces into the ‘complete solution’ that directly addresses the business problem…  Not because an organization needs just document routing, or archiving, or creation, or signature capture, but because their processes need them all, and they need them all to work seemlessly, without fail.  This ecosystem approach to selling is what takes companies to another level.  This is the new Quadrant Software.

The sum of the parts, whether that special holiday weekend or the assembling of a powerful solution to a business problem, is what makes the extraordinary.

Here’s to another great Fourth of July and to solutions that enable you to optimize your business.

Marty Petraitis
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