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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

IBM i Modernization, Fax over IP, and Document Design and Distribution

Customer Success

"FastFax for Domino has a lot more flexibility than what we used to have [IBM Domino Fax for i] and gives us much more control. We haven't had to touch the product since we had it up and running. That's a good thing around here!"

"FastFax is like a tractor trailer. You know it's going to get there and get the job done. It's absolutely reliable. And a workhorse!"

"Anytime I've had to use Quadrant's Technical Support it has been a great experience. Very knowledgeable staff and pleasant to work with! Thanks!"

I have almost 40 other software vendors that I deal with and Quadrant Software tech support is second to none. Quadrant's team is awesome! I haveĀ  nothing but high praise for Quadrant Software.

"The price performance level of these solutions is very strong. We are satisfied. I would also give high ratings to Quadrant Software's technical support staff. They care about the product and demonstrate that fact."