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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Adventist Health Systems (SSCI) Success


Adventist Health Systems (SSCI) was looking for a flexible enterprise solution that would do least cost routing across their entire WAN.  Their two IBM i's are connected to 12 processors that are scattered all over the US. SSCI needed to be able to route their faxes to the most cost-effective processor (least cost routing) by using a solution that could be configured with their existing systems.


SSCI was able to seamlessly configure their McKesson HBOC Series application and System i servers with Quadrant's FastFax product.   They are currently able to send over 1200 faxes a day, 800 from one system and 400 from the other.


"We use FastFax with the McKessonHBOC Series 2000 software.  It is an IBM i based hospital information system. We fax patient face sheets, patient transcripts, admission/discharge notices, laboratory orders, insurance verification notices and purchase orders."

"We have had outstanding support from Quadrant. Their staff went out of their way to provide excellent support for us."

Ben Amer, Programmer/Analyst, Sunbelt Home Health Care

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