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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

QuadraDocV SP7 Includes MFP Interface Improvements and Integration Module Enhancements

Key new features keep QuadraDocV up-to-date and further modernize IBM i organizations’ document distribution processes.


Mansfield, MA – April 30, 2015 – Quadrant Software, LLC., a leading provider of IBM i document distribution, business intelligence and spool file beautification solutions, has announced the pre-release of QuadraDocV Service Pack 7, their virtual enterprise FoIP server. This release includes an improved interface for Xerox multi-function printers (MFPs), Integration Module enhancements and updates to the codebase.


“We listen to customer feedback and work to include as many feature requests as possible in our solutions. The improved MFP interface and integration module enhancements in QuadraDocV Service Pack 7 are great examples of this. We’re also committed to keeping our codebase up-to-date, so we’re using the latest version of Dialogic and have added support for Microsoft SQL Server,” says Marcel Sarrasin, Quadrant’s VP of Corporate Marketing.


Improved Interface for Xerox Multi-Function Printers
QuadraDocV’s improved interface for Xerox multi-function printers makes it much easier for end users to send faxes because they no longer have to use FastFax’s fax address format. Instead, they can simply input the recipient’s fax number.


Integration Module Enhancements
This version includes an enhancement to the FastFax Integration Module that streamlines the printing and reprinting workflow through Formtastic. You can also set the purge date in the Integration Module.


Codebase Updates
QuadraDocV includes the latest version of Dialogic SDK, 6.7.2, and has added support for Microsoft SQL Server.



About QuadraDocV
QuadraDocV is a highly flexible production-level virtual fax server that integrates directly with your document-generating enterprise applications to automatically send, receive, route, archive and manage your faxes. QuadraDocV eliminates the need for physical fax cards or a dedicated, physical fax server.


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About Quadrant Software
Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Mansfield, MA, Quadrant Software is a leading provider of digital document distribution and modernization software that integrates into and enhances your enterprise application workflow.


Quadrant is part of the Quadrant Group, which also includes:


  • BCD, a leading provider of web application development and IBM i modernization solutions
  • ExcelSystems, which develops and supports BCD solutions
  • Netlert, which develops an Avaya call center performance analysis solution
  • SoftBase, which provides application testing and tuning solutions for IBM's DB2 database utilizing the OS/390 and z/OS operating systems.

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Media Contact:          
Marcel Sarrasin
VP of Corporate Marketing
(250) 655-1882 ext. 114

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