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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Benefits of software updates

We all remember The Clash hit  – “Should I Stay or Should I Go”…   If I stay there will be trouble….   if I go it could be double….

We all think about the problems that “Could be coming” due to a new OS or system update. But what about all of the problems you could be self-inflicting by waiting to apply that all to import update?

3 major reasons to apply software update are bug fixes, product enhancements and also compatible with new OS versions.  For example:

Bug Fixes – We at Quadrant make sure all of our software goes thru a rigorous QA test schedule before it is released to any customer.  And as much as we would love to have a 100 percent perfection rate, we do get the occasion bugs reported to us by customers. This could be caused by many reasons including specific computer or OS related issue, misuse of the product or other third-party application issues.

Without periodic software upgrades, customers are missing out on those all too important bug fixes that could make running your operations a much more seamless experience.

Product Enhancements – With each new release we first start with our customers. When a customer requests a new feature or enhancement it is reviewed by our Product Planning Committee who determines if the feature will make it into the next (or future) release.

From this process we add great enhancements to each and every release, such as the ability for customers to do field installs.  We also create entirely new products – such as QuadraDocV, the industry’s only FoIP solution for IBM i (AS400/System i).

By taking part in upgrades and offering your opinions – customers are given the opportunity to truly have their voices heard and to help shape the future of Quadrant’s product line.

Compatible with new OS – “I just got a new PC running Windows 7 does your product support it?” I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear this question. When we go and check, we will see they haven’t applied an update to our software in years.

As much as we would love to, we can’t always back test older versions of our products with the newest Operating Systems.   Therefore, it is extremely important to stay current, in order to ensure that software integrations do not become a headache for you as you upgrade other IT assets.

So hopefully I have provided you with a few good reasons to call Quadrant Software and request the most recent update or you can always email us at Support@QuadrantSoftware.Com for more information on downloading and applying the latest update via an ISO file.

And for all those naysayers who say they simply don’t have the time to apply an update remember QS offers on-site Professional Services help too.

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