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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Webinar Replay: Calculate the ROI in Replacing your IBM i (AS/400) Spool Files



Replacing your current IBM i spool file process is one of the fastest ways to see an ROI. Your current IBM i form printing and distribution processes may be draining resources, causing extra work for staff, and slowing down the delivery of documents. Not to mention, your invoices and documents may look unprofessional which can leave a bad impression with customers.


Quadrant Software's Formtastic provides one of the easiest ways to improve processes and increase your ROI with modernized forms, checks, labels and barcodes. Fill out the form on the right to view a recorded Formtastic ROI webinar and to learn how you can a free ROI calculator. The calculator can help you estimate how much you are spending on paper forms and how much you can save with Formtastic.




Formtastic also helps you:

  • Improve customer service with electronic distribution
  • Reduce IT's workload with flexible form templates
  • Eliminate printing costs
  • Improve your form branding with logos and custom layouts


Fill out the form on the right to view the webinar recorded webinar and to see how you can request an ROI and costs calculator. You'll learn how much manually printing and distrubuting paper documents is costing you, and you'll see how quickly you can modernize your spool files with Formtastic.

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You'll also learn how you can get a free ROI calculator to learn how much you can save with Formtastic.