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How to Only Send System Messages to the FastFax Administrator

I’m the Administrator of our FastFax system and I find it helpful to receive the system messages that FastFax sends to my message queue. However, in order to get those messages I also seem to have to receive a lot of additional messages that I’d rather not get in my queue. I have the “Default Message Type” set to *ERR. Is there any way to set FastFax to send me only the system messages?

The latest version of FastFax has a feature¬†that’s going to do exactly what you want it to do.

  1. Go through the FastFax Main Menu (FFXMAIN).
  2. Select Option #1 for the System/Environment Defaults.
  3. Place a 2 (Change) on the iSeries 400 Environment.
  4. Look for the section on sending messages to an administrator. Notice that there’s a new choice for the Default message type: *SYS. By selecting *SYS you’ll now only receive system messages.

¬†Here’s how the end result looks on the IBM i (iSeries):


If you have FastFax PC client licenses and administer FastFax via the FaxBar, then follow these instructions:

  1. Open the FaxBar and select the FastFax Administration icon.
  2. Select the Environments under Config at the left, then select the iSeries 400 environment.
  3. You’ll find a button to select SYS under Send Message to Administrator.
  4. After making this selection select the Apply button.

Here’s the same feature on the PC client: