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FoIP to Impact the 2013 NFL Standings?

When NFL Agent Marty Magid woke up on Friday, March 15th, it is unlikely that he realized his career would be determined by FoIP transmissions. Yes…It has happened again. The indispensable and misunderstood Document Output Management process of faxing has struck again. Only this time, it could result in not only Mr. Magid’s job, but a change in the NFL standings.


Because Elwis Dumervil’s (Defensive End of the Denver Broncos) agent failed to find a fax machine in time for a 4 P.M. deadline, the Broncos had to release the pro-bowler. Against the Bronco’s wishes, they were forced to release Dumervil’s $12 million dollar salary because Magid could not get the re-structured salary cut deal back to the team.


Sports analysts and writers gawked at the idea of a basic fax leading to the multimillion dollar debacle. It is rare that a star caliber player takes a significant pay cut in order save salary cap space and remain with his team. Perhaps Mr. Magid disagreed with his client’s decision and purposely stalled to meet the 4 P.M. deadline.


Nonetheless, pundits cried for the agent to enter the virtualized 21st century. The weekly blog wrote, “Hopefully the Broncos have learned now that there is this thing called the Internet (it’s basically just a series of tubes) that can transmit messages (or contracts, or pictures, or pick up attempts) in the blink of an eye.”


Time and time again we mention on this blog the misunderstood importance of FoIP, and Document Output Management solutions. It is comforting to know that the NFL does not accept email transmissions to approve $8 million dollar contracts and if only it was so simple, you would think that a professional sports agent would think to ‘email’ the  time-pressed contract.


This isn’t defending or critiquing Marty Magid’s actions, as I am sure there is much more to the mishap. And it’s not to say that critics are wrong about the NFL’s need to modernize their Document Output Management solutions. It is just important to have the right conversation. If Marty Magid was near a virtualized DOM solution it would have given him the ability to securely send this business critical document back to the Broncos in time for him to save his job!


Here at Quadrant Software we cringe at this news and are left wondering, what if Mr. Magid had a virtual routing solution like QuadraDocV5 to send Elwis Dumervil’s restructured contract without an outdated physical machine?

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