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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Formtastic Version 10.0.0 includes the following enhancements.


System Enhancements

  • PC GUI – there is major overhaul to the design client using a modern ribbon based interface. The new interface will make it much easier for new and existing users to navigate, enabling users to more quickly and easily create their Formtastic document overlays. We modeled the design specifically to make it very intuitive for users who are familiar with the Microsoft Office product suite.

    • Home tab contains commonly used editing buttons and commands.
    • View tab contains controls for viewing windows, specific menus and page layout attributes.
    • Main icon menu contains standard controls like save, new, open, as well as document properties and IBM I specific commands.
  • PC – all supported Microsoft OS’s.



  • Automated purge process of the Bank Transactions file. User will call or schedule job FO312ACP with no parameters. By default will keep the last 30 days.
  • FOACHPC database file will show who made any changes to the Payee file and when – GNPAYC override needs to be set to a ‘1’. Run FO702BR to purge the audit file making sure the date format is YYYYMMDD. Example: CALL PGM(FTASTIC/FO702BR) PARM('20150901' '20150920')
  • Effective date on the GENACH command has been added. EFCDATE = YYMMDD format.
  • Ability to purge ACH payments – F22=Purge has been added
  • In FOINFO there is an example to purge file history files – EX_PURGE
  • Limit authority of who can go into certain Checks menus. If FOGEN GNASUR =’1’ and the user authority is not = *MASTER – user cannot run options from the screen.
  • All supported versions of the IBM i
  • Additionally there have been various program fixes to correct minor issues.