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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

IBM i Fax Solution for Blade Servers

IBM i Fax Solution for Blade Servers

So you’re excited about moving your IBM i applications to the latest and greatest hardware technology, an IBM i blade server.  Your hardware vendor has sold you on the advantages including the smaller footprint and energy savings (all which sound great to your boss.)   But did you and your hardware vendor do your due diligence in speccing out the new hardware?  For example, did you know that there is no support for certain communications cards in an IBM i blade server environment, such as a fax card?  You are currently using Facsimile Support/400 (5798FAX) on your machine to send business critical documents to customers and other business units.  You have already bought the hardware.  How do I tell my IT Director/CIO that Facsimile Support/400 isn’t supported on the blade server?  This scene happens more times than you can imagine where the excitement of moving forward in technology can cause unforeseen problems when certain assumptions are made or specifications are overlooked.

Fortunately in the IBM i world, there is an answer – Quadrant Software’s FastFax.  FastFax is installed on your IBM i  and utilizes an external Windows based server with fax cards to manage both inbound and outbound faxing as well as emailing of documents.  There is no need for a fax card on the IBM i itself.   Conversion from your current IBM Facsimile Support/400 (IBM Facsimile Support for i) installation is virtually seamless and will end up providing you with a more robust solution.

Best of all, you can go to your boss not only with a solution, but a software solution that is quick to implement, much more powerful, yet easier to both administer and use. No programming is required to get FastFax running.  End users can manage, monitor and track their faxes without involvement of the IT staff.  What IT Director or CIO doesn’t like hearing that?

In addition, you get Quadrant Software’s excellent customer support, which is well known in the IBM i community for both their knowledge and response times.  They can assist you in installation and help you with any questions or issues you may have 24x7x365.

What may have started out as a major headache can be turned into a success with Quadrant Software’s FastFax.   After all, you’re moving forward with an IBM i blade server environment, why not have Quadrant Software’s leading edge fax and email solution, FastFax, move forward with you.

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