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It’s Great To Be a Superhero!

The summer is now in full swing and Hollywood has launched several blockbuster movies that have superhero themes. I know this well having three children under the age of 12. Most of us that have been around a while are very familiar with the general theme of a superhero movie. Typically there is a villain who gets the best of the good guys several times before the Superhero saves the day in the end.


I was recently reflecting on the fact that in today's challenging business climate the superhero theme is played out often. Each and every day businesses are challenged with battling villains to just simply survive. Whether the villain is a new or existing competitor, unrealistic customer demands, new industry or federal regulations or just simple inefficiencies in your current business processes.


As a solution provider who assists companies to create, distribute and manage documents more efficiently, we dedicate the majority of our efforts to help customers battle the paper villian (the time, money and resources wasted around the handling of documents.) In my over 15 years of consulting with organizations I find that there is no better feeling than helping customers play the role of the Superhero.


I thought I would share with you one of the recent experiences I had with helping a customer become Superhero and tackle their villain.


IBM recently announced that they have withdrawn the Domino Fax for i solution from the market and will no longer be providing support for the solution after April 2012. The Domino Fax for i solution provided companies with the ability to automate the process of sending and receiving faxes through their Lotus Notes mail platform. As a result of this announcement we have been approached by several users since we are the endorsed replacement solution by IBM.


Roto Rooter was one such company that approached us to help them tackle this challenge (aka villain). Roto Rooter had an aggressive timeline to replace the Domino Fax for i solution since they were in the process of upgrading their Domino server and wanted to go live with the replacement solution at the same time. We reacted quickly to provide them with our drop-in replacement solution called FastFax for Domino. In just a few short days we worked with the team at Roto Rooter to get the replacement solution installed and running. After some minor testing, the team at Roto Rooter went live with the new Domino server and at the same time went live with the FastFax for Domino solution. The net of the situation is that Roto Rooter was presented with battling a villian that they did not anticipate this year, but in the end we worked together with their team to help them become the superhero!


Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you conquer your paper villains…..We genuinely enjoy working with customers to save the day!

Marty Petraitis
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