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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

PKDY Success


Bagcraft, a division of Packaging Dynamics (PKDY), document handling procedures didn't quite keep pace with its leading reputation.  Half the time customers were saying they weren't getting their faxes, and there were cost and security concerns with their check printing procedures. PKDY needed to completely rethink their forms, fax, and label processes including delivery by print, fax, and email.  Bagcraft already had Quadrant Software's FastFax/Ultra solution in place, but it was drastically underutilized and only produced invoices.


PKDY started its move to Quadrant Software's Document Output Management solutions (DOM) by upgrading to FastFax/ Enterprise with email delivery.

The company then acquired Quadrant Software's Formtastic forms and checks software.  As a result, authorized PKDY users could manage, deliver, and look up forms and checks.

Quadrant software now provides PKDY with incredible stability, usability, and security.  Just as important, Quadrant Software's DOM solutions continue to easily accommodate PKDY's ever-increasing goals.  By using FastFax and Formtastic, PKDY currently creates, faxes and emails 1,500-2,000 documents including acknowledgements, purchase orders, and invoices per week.  They also print over 500 MICR checks weekly, including check runs and manual checks.  Instead of paying $900 for a box of preprinted checks, they pay $50 for a box of blank checks.  Also, security wise, it has improved 100%.  With Formtastic's ability to provide multiple levels of authority to users, they can be assured that no-one can actually produce or reprint a check. They are also able to lock signatures into Formtastic Checks for greater security, but if they need to modify signatures, a user with the proper authority can accomplish the task in about 15 minutes.  Formtastic Checks also played a key role in PKDY's ability to completely automate post-processing and sealing.


"The savings in one year more than paid for the investment."

"Security wise, it's improved 100%, there's no way that someone can actually go in to produce a check or even reprint a check."

"I'd say 95% of our documents go by fax or email directly from FastFax. We have very little paper usage and we've saved a tremendous amount in paper and postage. We don't file anymore because we have everything on the system."

"It's a better scenario. It's not manual or people dependant. It's strictly within the system and automated."

Tina Colon, Manager of Systems & Programming, Bagcraft (PKDY)

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