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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


eDocMail let’s you email spooled files and other documents in batch or interactively directly from the iSeries (AS400) with as much or as little automation as you require. Requires no programming or application modifications.

Easy Email Document Management from the IBM i
eDocMail takes IBM i-generated documents, merges them with pre-designed forms, and sends them to your email server for inexpensive delivery. There is full support for spooled files, memos, queries, and captured screens (with the ability to add attachments) and spreadsheets. Batch or interactive document delivery and management using as IBM i based email solution has never been easier.

eDocMail features a seamless email integration with all major business applications and can delivery documents as either TIF or PDF files using Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise, or any SMTP server.

E-Mail Gateways for Your Users
Let your users send, receive, and manage all document from familiar email applications using our E-Mail Gateways.

“Of course, every document that we email (via FastFax) means that we spend nothing on it, as opposed to the cost of a phone call. We also have some major customers overseas. So, emailing these documents saves us a phone call that may cost anywhere from a $1 to $2. That’s a big cost savings when you’re sending faxes internationally, especially if they are multiple pages.”Mike Nichols, Prince Castle