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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


IBM Systems Magazine, Tami Deedrick

Quadrant Software releases QuadraDocV, a virtual fax over IP (FoIP) solution native to IBM i environments. The new solution is the first of its kind for IBM i, according to the company, and provides an alternative to traditional fax while leveraging existing IT investment.

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Q&A with Steve Woodard of Quadrant Software

Virtual-Strategy Magazine

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Quadrant Software Launches QuadraDocV, a Virtual Fax over IP Solution Native to IBM i Environments

Power IT Pro,Chris Maxcer

Quadrant Software, a Document Output Management (DOM) solution provider, has launched QuadraDocV, which Quadrant says is industry’s only virtual Fax over IP (FoIP) product native to the IBM i (AS400/System i). QuadraDocV, powered by FastFax, runs on the VMware platform.

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New Tools, Insights, and Solutions Mark COMMON 2012 Vendor Announcements

MC Press Online, Chris Smith

Quadrant Software CEO Steve Woodard and marketing manager Rachel Tuhro sat down with MC Press Online to discuss the company’s new IP fax server solution, QuadraDocV, which supports the standard T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) protocol. While it runs on VMware, QuadraDocV is the industry’s only virtual FoIP product native to IBM i. Organizations can take full advantage of their virtualized environments and minimize data center overhead using QuadraDocV, which incorporates SR140 software technology from communications vendor Dialogic to integrate with their current telephony systems.

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Quadrant Releases QuadraDocV Fax over IP Solution

TMCnet, Rich Steeves

While some people who are not as in tune with communications and technology might scoff at the announcement of a new fax solution, thinking that fax machines are remnants of the 1980s, Quadrant Software, a company that has been in the space for almost two decades, begs to differ. In fact, the company is about to release a new product, dubbed QuadraDocV, which is touted to be the industry’s only virtual Fax over IP product native to IBM (News Alert) i AS400.

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Quadrant Software Intros QuadraDocV FoIP Server

All About FoIP

Quadrant Software, which has the largest installed base of any fax server vendor tailored for the IBM i platform, also now has the only FoIP solution that is native to the IBM i platform since it just introduced the QuadraDocV.  Quadrant, which is an IBM Advanced Business Partner, offers in the QuadraDocV a robust set of tools that enable snap-in integration with ERP solutions for the IBM i.  Quadrant’s patented IP fax server solution supports the standard T.38 FoIP protocol and enables users to take advantage of their existing VoIP infrastructure.

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Quadrant Launches Fax Over IP Software

IT Jungle, Alex Woodie

Quadrant Software today is expected to launch QuadraDocV, a new fax over IP (FoIP) software offering for
IBM i shops. The new FoIP software runs inside a VMware virtual machine and offers the same fax capabilities that Quadrant has delivered for years with its hardware-based FastFax line of products. Customers are expected to gain by eliminating hardware from their data centers and canceling subscriptions for analog phone lines.

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Timely Customization

Drop-ship documents help Kohl’s and Citizen maintain customer relationships

STORES, Len Lewis

N early 50 years ago, The Rolling Stones had a hit with “Time is on My Side.” That sentiment seems to be the essence of the relationship between Citizen Watch Company and Kohl’s.

Like most major retailers and vendors these days, both want to retain a close relationship with consumers. But they also want to maintain their individual identities while continuing to minimize the cost of online sales, inventory and order fulfillment.

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Fax: Barbara Martinez Joins Quadrant Software

TMCnet, Anuradha Shukla

Barbara Snyder Martinez has joined Quadrant Software as the director, Channels and Strategic Partners. Martinez will manage the planning and execution of worldwide alliance initiatives for Quadrant Software, the leader in Document Output Management (DOM). She will also be responsible for partner strategy and overall channel opportunities tied to the company’s long-term growth strategy.

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FoIP: The Next Wave in Unified Communications

TMCnet, Steve Woodard

As a response to the economy and the increasingly virtual workforce, many enterprises are turning toward Unified Communications (NewsAlert) (UC) to save money and consolidate resources. In fact, 60 percent of organizations now have some sort of Unified Communications in place, according to Nemertes research.FoIP is truly the backbone of today’s enterprises. Recent research has found that virtual fax solutions are growing at an estimated annual rate of 14.5 percent, and FoIP is poised to become the future of document output management.

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Who’s What, Where: Quadrant Software, Mansfield

Barbara Snyder Martinez was appointed director, channels and strategic partners at Quadrant Software, a Mansfield company that provides of document management software.

Quadrant And Mainline Seal Partner Deal

IT Jungle, Dan Burger

QuadrantSoftware, makers of document management and fax products for IBM i and other
platforms, and MainlineInformation Systems, one of the largest resellers of IBM Power Systems, mainframes, and
System x machines in the United States, have a new partnership. Mainline gains a product line that fits in well with the infrastructure its customers have in place and that will meet customer needs relating to business process issues,
productivity, improved efficiencies and lower costs. Quadrant benefits by gaining access to a new and quite large customer base that has come to trust the Mainline name and way of doing business.

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Fast Company highlights Quadrant CEO, Steve Woodard

FastCompany, Kaihan Krippendorf

Kaihan Krippendorf highlights Steve Woodard, CEO of Quadrant and
Softbase in his Fast Company blog post. The article gives advice on “how
to pivot faster than your competition”, which discusses how Steve manages two
fast-growing technology companies and uses weekly meetings as a way to stay ahead of the competition.

Steve Woodard is the CEO of two fast-growing tech companies, Quadrant
and SoftBase.
We had a fascinating discussion about how he manages double what most of us juggle. A lot of it has to do with having clear goals and communicating them often, always having a door open so people know they can reach you 24/7, and building a management team you can trust.”

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Roto Rooter Transitions to Quadrant Software’s Fax Solution

TMCNet, Juliana Kenny
The fax industry experienced a number of intriguing changes over the last year including advancements in the fax-over-IP and Smart FoIP sectors. Some fax providers made adjustments to their product offerings while also trying to address the challenges of the growing cloud-based and hosted solution realm. Among the organizations making changes, Roto Rooter, a drainage and plumbing service provider, experienced the discontinuation of its fax service: IBM’s Domino Fax for i.
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Citizen Watch Ships In Time For The Holidays

Retail Solutions Online, Bob Johns
Citizen Watch Company Of America sells exclusively through relationships with top retailers. As these retailers are increasing sales online, Citizen is being asked to handle online orders completely in-house. Retailers everywhere are migrating from warehouse inventory shipping to more direct-ship methods and shifting the costs of inventory, picking, packaging, and shipping to the manufacturers and suppliers. Kohl’s Department Stores is a leading seller of Citizen watches through its brick-and-mortar stores, but it wanted to sell Citizen watches through its retail website and needed Citizen to begin direct shipping all Internet orders before the 2011 holiday shopping season began.
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Lowly Fax Still Essential to Business, Study Says

IT Jungle, Alex Woodie
You can add one more item to the list of man’s creations that were supposed to have died out by now but hasn’t: the fax machine. When it was first invented, 168 years ago (no that’s not a misprint), the fax revolutionized the way we viewed documents. Today, despite the growing use of unified communications (UC) over IP networks, the lowly fax machine is used daily by an estimated 40 percent of workers at small and medium sized businesses, according to a recent Intel study.
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Citizen Finds Cyber Monday Success with Quadrant

IT Jungle, Alex Woodie
In the cutthroat retail business, one company’s IT challenge is another’s opportunity. So when clothing retailer Kohl’s presented Citizen Watch Company with new document requirements to be used when drop-shipping timepieces purchased at Kohl’s website, the 93-year-old watch company responded to the challenge with an IBM i development effort utilizing the Formtastic package from Quadrant Software.
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Document Management Roll-up

CMSWire, David Roe
Document output management vendor Quadrant has announced a partnership with Real Vision Software, a Louisiana-based provider of document imaging solutions, to launch its Mobile Signature Capture System.

The Mobile Signature Capture System is an integrated solution that provides the ability to create forms from IBM-based applications. It securely routes them throughout an organization or to customers.
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RVI and Quadrant Debut Remote Signature Capture for iPads

IT Jungle, Alex Woodie
Real Vision Software (RVI) and Quadrant Software this week are unveiling a new iOS and IBM i-based signature capture solution that dramatically reduces the time it takes to log a signature–such as proof of delivery–into an IBM i application. The offering, which combines RVI software that turns an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a signature capture device and Quadrant’s IBM i-based document management software, enables users to send bills electronically within minutes of capturing a signature.
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Quadrant Software and RVI form partnership to launch Mobile Signature Capture System

Provider of Document Output Management (DOM) Quadrant Software announced on Monday its partnership with Real Vision Software (RVI), a Louisiana-based provider of document imaging solutions, to introduce its Mobile Signature Capture System to the market.
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Software Firms Partner to Cut Invoicing Time for Transportation Companies

Transport Topics
Quadrant Software on Monday announced a partnership with document imaging company Real Vision Software to reduce invoicing time for transportation and distribution companies.

The companies have launched the Mobile Signature Capture System, which allows companies to send out invoices for products and services the instant those products are delivered and signed for, said Quadrant, which provides document output management software.
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The Difference in Fax Use on the Other Side of the Pond

TMCNet, Juliana Kenny
A recent survey by Intel (News – Alert) revealed that 40 percent of small businesses in the U.K. are still using fax machines. As we love to discuss on the Fax online community, of course, fax technologies are nowhere near “dead” or “dinosaur-ish” as some purport.

Fax is used in different capacities all over the world, including “FoIP” which stands for fax-over-IP. Its use is doubling each year, but the use of it varies from nation to nation. Those of us in the U.S. use fax technologies differently than those in the U.K. To get some more insight into how exactly fax is used differently, I talked with Steve Woodard, CEO of Quadrant Software.
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Quadrant Picks Up Roto-Rooter’s Document Delivery

System iNews – Private i
With news that support was ending for IBM Domino Fax for i, Roto-Rooter (, the largest plumbing and drain-cleaning services provider in North America, needed a new solution fast for faxing documents from Lotus Notes running on its i. It took a tip from IBM and looked at Quadrant Software’s ( FastFax for Domino. After a seamless transition, the new solution is up and running as part of Roto-Rooter’s operations, supporting document delivery for its call center users.
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Fax and Security: An Often Unaddressed Question

TMCNet, Juliana Kenny
I’m willing to bet that the average person does not really spend time thinking about how secure his or her faxes are, and what kinds of risks are involved when sending documents over fax networks. As it is, many users are still unaware of how insecure email can be – a shocking fact considering how long email has been around.
To get more insight into how exactly we perceive fraudulent activities in relation to fax, FoIP, email, and other technological processes that require the transfer of documentation over various networks, I reached out to Steve Woodard, CEO at Quadrant Software.

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Corporate Check Security – Preventing Fraud While Achieving Process Improvement

TMCNet, Financial Tech Spotlight
Check fraud at the corporate level has reached epidemic proportions with losses ranging between $10 and $14 billion per year in the U.S. alone, according to recent findings from Nielsen Report and Ernst & Young. But check fraud continues unabated because most companies either don’t think it can happen to them, or are under the misconception that they have all the safeguards they need in place. In short, check fraud flourishes because there is an abundant supply of companies who make getting away with it easy.
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Quadrant Software Launches Customer Outreach Initiative

MCPress – CIO News
Quadrant Software, a provider of electronic document distribution (EDD) solutions for the IBM i enterprise, makes customer satisfaction a top priority with the launch of numerous customer outreach programs. Providing exceptional customer service has always been a high priority for the company, but Quadrant Software’s new customer initiatives have taken customer satisfaction to the next level.
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Quadrant Touts Replacement for Withdrawn IBM Domino Fax for i5/OS

Alex Woodie, IT Jungle – Four Hundred Stuff
IBM i customers who are looking for a replacement for IBM Domino Fax for i5/OS may want to check out the FastFax migration path unveiled last week by Quadrant Software. The third-party software vendor says its FastFax for Domino i offering is a plug-and-play replacement for IBM Domino Fax for i5/OS, which IBM recently stopped selling and will stop supporting next year.
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IBM i Vendors to Watch in 2011

Alex Woodie, IT Jungle – Four Hundred Stuff
The new year is upon us, and what 2011 may bring to the IBM i software market is on people’s minds. While the IT industry is always in a state of transition, this year promises to be especially disruptive. With a dwindling customer base, some IBM i vendors will go belly up, while others will make moves to shore up their businesses with innovative new products and acquisitions. Here’s the beginning of a list of influential IBM i software vendors that should be interesting to watch as the new year unfolds.
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Quadrant Software Acquired by Candescent Partners Private Equity Firm

MCPress – CIO News
Quadrant Software announced this week it has been acquired by Boston-based Candescent Partners, a private equity firm. In business more than 20 years with some 3,500 installations, Quadrant Software is the developer of FastFax fax servers and Formtastic electronic forms software. The solutions run on, and are integrated with, many IBM System i ERP applications. Candescent led the transaction with co-investors Harbert Mezzanine Capital, Bush O’Donnell Capital Partners, Massachusetts Capital Resource Company, and Brooke Private Equity Associates. The sale was effective November 13.
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