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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


The Children’s Medical Center had been a FastFax user for several years. They took on a new transcription product called Arrendale, which dramatically increased the number of faxes they were sending out. Since they only had one modem on their FastFax system, they needed to look into a new solution.


The Children’s Medical Center upgraded to the FastFax/Enterprise product and are now benefiting from the additional enterprise features. FastFax allows them to automatically send transcriptions when using Arrendale. The transcription is sent to the appropriate office and/or combination of offices. They have the ability to take a lab result and send it to the doctor who ordered the lab work. Both of these processes saved their people a considerable amount of time since FastFax automatically sends the faxes.


“After looking at several alternatives we decided to stay with FastFax and upgrade. The decision to stay with Quadrant Software was in large part due to the excellent service we have gotten from their technical support staff.”

“We cannot emphasize enough how we appreciate the high quality and professionalism of their technical support team.”

Gary Price, Programmer/Analyst, Children’s Medical Center

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