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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Fey’s fax volume included over 150 order acknowledgements per day and over 20 purchase orders per day.   They needed a solution to use in conjunction with Friedman Corporation’s Frontier ERP package for faxing all of their purchase orders and customer acknowledgements.   More specifically, they needed to be able to send, receive, centrally control, and secure all of their faxes within their organization.


FastFax/Ultra saves the company time and money allowing them to easily fax their high volume of purchase orders and customer acknowledgements.  FastFax/Ultra is able to provide Fey with versatility.  Purchase orders are faxed as soon as they are created and accepted by the purchasing department. Order acknowledgements are faxed each evening after normal business hours to maximize time efficiency while minimizing expense.  FastFax/Ultra’s job batch feature controls the printing/faxing each evening through the System i (iSeries 400) Job Scheduler.


“Having the ability to automate the faxing of these documents in the background saves us both time and money.”

“The FastFax solution requires little, if any, user intervention, which in turn cuts down on printing and manually faxing the documents.”

“Automated faxing without manual intervention has helped lighten the load on our internal associates.”

Mark Vanderwaal, IS Supervisor – Operations, Fey

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