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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


While primarily interested in recovering lost work hours, Metal Technology Systems wanted solutions compatible with Infor that would add value through other cost-cutting benefits including the elimination of pre-printed forms, printing AP MICR checks in-house, and have it all wrapped up in a package that was easy for the users and hassle-free for the administrators.


In Quadrant Software, MTS found a suite of DOM solutions that saved, solved, and simplified a wide range of their document management issues.¬† The solutions included the FastFax /Enterprise fax server and Formtastic document design solution. In addition to saving valuable time when delivering documents, the company’s users can also check on the status of their faxes right from their desktop.¬† With Formtastic, MTS performs modifications to their forms as often as required without paying or waiting for outside consultants. The fact that Quadrant Software’s DOM solutions integrated with Infor further leveraged their investment into that ERP, making the interface between Quadrant Software’s DOM solutions and the Infor XA business application a powerful combination.


“It hit on all the cylinders. And it exceeded my expectations on the Formtastic side because of the flexibility of the software.”

“It wasn’t very hard to get users involved. They’ve told me numerous times, This is awesome! They’ve said it just saves them so much time.”

“Formtastic is a lot simpler and quicker because we have the control here. I’m actually doing less maintenance on the forms compared to doing it the old way. ¬†Formtastic is definitely feature-function rich.”

“We not only saved on pre-printed forms, but we cut 15-20 hours of manual faxing a week. So, in some instances we saved thousands of dollars a week in time, pre-printed forms, printers, ribbons. I mean everything. You just add it up. I think that people who have lived through that understand those dollars.”

“If you can automate, streamline, save money, be more productive, and efficient, then it’s a no-brainer.”

Gary Baker, Director of IT, Metal Technology Systems

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