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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

IBM i 7.1: No Facsimile Support for iSeries (5798FAX V5R2M0)

Upgrading to IBM i 7.1 and use IBM's fax support? Read this first!


Have you been using IBM’s Facsimile Support for iSeries (5798FAX V5R2M0) for years, only to learn that it’s no longer supported in IBM i 7.1? We’ve received many calls from IBM i users who can no longer use their fax IBM Fax Cards or Fax Modems anymore because these rely on IBM’s Facsimile Support for iSeries.


QuadraDocV (QDV), Quadrant’s easy-to-use virtual fax server for IBM i, operates independently of IBM’s Facsimile Support. QDV recognizes and can use your existing IBM Facsimile commands such as SNDFAX and SBTFAX, so there is no re-integration work.


QDV runs on a Windows server (physical or VM). Because it can be deployed virtually, it’s easy to install on an existing box, or we can provide you with a box. QDV can also run off-site on a secure private-cloud.


Benefits of QDV

  • Users can email as well as fax, via PC client or browser-based interface
  • Distributes in popular formats, such as PDF, Word, TXT, TIF, HTML and more
  • Integrates with your ERP (SAP, Sage) and any other enterprise application
  • Routes, archives and manages critical documents
  • Centralize management, tracking and expense reporting
  • In-bound routing ensures correct delivery
  • Ensure your fax system complies with strict data security regulations (HIPAA, PCIDSS, etc.)
  • Supports any telephony including analog POTS, VOIP, FOIP or SIP Trunking
  • Disaster recovery in as little as ten minutes


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