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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Making the Case for an Enterprise Faxing Solution
To plan an enterprise fax implementation, you need to know what your current faxing costs (in time and money) and what you’ll save using enterprise faxing. This white paper helps you get that data and identify ‘hidden’ document management and delivery processes that impact overall ROI.
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The FastFax Advantage: Selecting a Quality Fax Solution
Our IBM i fax white paper helps you sort through the sales hype and recognize the features you need to gain maximum ROI in the shortest time period. Using this guide, you can accurately compare fax vendor offerings with confidence. It also details how FastFax handles each feature and the resulting benefits.
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How Inbound Fax Routing Can Help Reduce Distribution Costs & Improve Productivity
If you are just starting out in your quest for a better way to handle the increasing volume of inbound faxes your company is dealing with or if you have FastFax and want to learn how to take advantage of its inbound routing capabilities, then this whitepaper will tell you both how to reduce your document distribution costs and save money by automating inbound faxing.
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Formtastic Advantage: Selecting an IBM i Forms Solution
This electronic forms white paper lists common and unique features that you should consider when comparing forms solutions. It also details how our Formtastic Forms handles each feature and provides benefits and ROI.
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Real World Cost Justification for Electronic Forms Implementation
This white paper gives you the tools you need to calculate and present electronic forms ROI arising from increased efficiency and lowered costs. Electronic forms ROI reaches farther than saved printing and paper costs! Learn how to nail down the hard and soft benefits and present them in terms of ROI.
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Why You Need To Worry About MICR Check Security
Every business in every industry is threatened by check fraud…a crime that accounts for $10 – 14 billion in losses per year in the US alone. Use this white paper to assess your threat level, explore different kinds of check fraud, and research strategies and solutions aimed at preventing check fraud at your company.
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