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Sneak Peek at Upcoming Formtastic 10 Interface


Upcoming release revamps designer interface, improving current usability and future development


Formtastic 10 Pre-Release Announcement

We’re very excited to show you this preview of our upcoming Formtastic 10, due for release in the next few weeks. Based on customer feedback, we decided to overhaul the design client by giving it a modern, ribbon-based interface.


Our development team has been working non-stop over the last few months on this, and recently came up for air to share their progress. Take a look at a few of the screenshots below to see what the new interface currently looks like.


Formtastic 10 also had major changes under the hood, which means that Formtastic customers can expect more frequent updates and improvements to the design client.



Home tab contains commonly used editing buttons and commands. (Click images to expand)




View tab contains controls for windows and page view.




Main icon menu contains standard controls like save, new, open, as well as document properties and IBM i specific commands.



We expect that the new interface will be much easier for new and existing users to navigate, enabling them to more quickly create Formtastic document overlays. In particular, we modeled the interface specifically to make it very intuitive for users who are familiar with the Microsoft Office product suite.


On the technical end, we ported the design client code to a significantly more modern code framework. That means our development team has access to newer and more sophisticated libraries and development features they didn’t previously have access to.


What that means for you – because we can now deploy updates and implement more modern features in the designer much faster than we could before, Formtastic customers can expect more frequent updates and improvements to the design client.



No upgrade fee for current Formtastic customers on maintenance

There is no upgrade fee for this new, revamped interface for existing Formtastic customers currently on maintenance.






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