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Sneak Peek at Upcoming Formtastic Integration with Nexus Web Portal


Upcoming integration enables secure web-based access and search for Formtastic documents.


We're excited to show you this sneak peek of our upcoming Formtastic integration with Nexus secure web portal. This integration will enable you to automatically archive Formtastic documents in a secure, web-based portal powered by our Nexus Portal.


Secure Web Access

You'll be able to set up profiles for different users, such as employees, partners and even customers, who can then log in and access their documents. Nexus Portal provides a number of different security authentication techniques, which helps ensure that users can only access documents they are authorized to. It can also be designed to work as an intranet, available only to employees protected by a corporate firewall or VPN.


Search and Navigate from Any Device

Nexus can index different parameters from the document file, such as document type, customer or account name, dates – and any number of custom parameters. This enables users to quickly search and find the documents they're looking for using the prompts, filters and date pickers. The interface supports responsive design elements, allowing users to easily navigate and access their documents from any device including their PC, tablet or mobile device.


Nexus: A Complete, Secure Web-Portal

The Formtastic integration with Nexus Portal provides a pre-designed interface specifically for Formtastic documents. However, Nexus is a fully-featured IBM i-hosted web portal that gives employees, vendors and/or customers secure, organized access to enterprise information from their browsers. Administrators can easily create and manage pages, menus, users, content and permissions without any coding. Nexus is also part of our real-time IBM i web-reporting solution, Business i.


View Early Version Screenshots


1 - loginUsers can log in through their browser. (Click images to expand)



2Documents are listed and can be sorted based on parameters like document type, name, date, title and other custom parameters.



6Menus help organize documents for easy navigation.



10Users can quickly find their documents using filters and date pickers.



3Users can view documents directly in their browser.




Mobile-friendly interface with responsive design.


The Formtastic integration with Nexus Portal will be available in Q4 2015, so stay tuned!

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