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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Document Creation Solution

Transform static, expensive pre-printed forms into dynamic, polished digital documents that save time, cut costs, and minimize administrative burdens. Equipped with advanced design tools and features, users can easily design polished documents/checks/labels and populate them with data from their business application. In conjunction with our document delivery solution for IBM i, users can also automate their delivery via fax, email, or print. 

Cutting-edge spool file pre-processor tool allows you to cut document page counts by 50 – 75% for significant savings!

Automating your document management system and replacing multi-part pre-printed forms with electronic forms, can save your company huge amounts of time and money. Quadrant Software solutions allows you to integrate and automate the creation, delivery, and management of mission-critical business documents into a highly flexible cross-platform infrastructure that’s easy to use and access.

Learn more about our Document Creation Solution, Formtastic, and discover how you can save.

“I love Formtastic because I like being able to control how things look. ¬†Also, I think the most surprising and unique thing about Formtastic is that I can do what a programmer would do without having to be one. I love everything about Formtastic. I recommend it to everybody I know.”
Suzie Israel, Peruvian Connection