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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Document Delivery Solution

Our document delivery solution for IBM i combines fax and email systems into one powerful tool for quick and easy distribution. This allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your business application screen, email client, and/or desktop. Delivery can be automated and customized according to recipient preference or document type (fax, email, print) and sent in batch or on-the-fly. Additionally, advanced reporting tools allow central management and tracking of fax usage and expenses.

Quadrant Software’s document delivery solution for IBM i give your users the ability to send, receive, route, and manage mission-critical documents from within familiar business applications and/or email clients. We combine an almost non-existent learning curve with absolute security and centralized systems management to maximize your time and money savings. Even better, you can combine this solution with Quadrant Software’s document creation solution to design, create, and deliver polished digital business documents and eliminate pre-printed forms.

“Of course, every document that we email (via FastFax) means that we spend nothing on it, as opposed to the cost of a phone call. We also have some major customers overseas. So, emailing these documents saves us a phone call that may cost anywhere from a $1 to $2. That’s a big cost savings when you’re sending faxes internationally, especially if they are multiple pages.”

Mike Nichols, Prince Castle

Learn more about our Document Delivery Solution, FastFax, and discover how you can save time and money by distributing your mission critical documents electronically.