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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Centrally manage your company’s check printing needs with complete security – while offering the utmost in flexibility. Using our Payment Automation solution, users can convert business application output to accounts payable and payroll checks, and direct deposit receipts.

Essentially, spooled data is merged with electronic check overlays and signatures to create checks on blank safety stock eliminating the need for storing risky pre-printed check stock. Checks can be printed on-demand or in-batch. Additionally, Positive Pay reports can also be automatically compiled for numerous bank accounts.

Design, modify, and print MICR checks and deposit slips (on demand or in batch) on blank safety stock instead of pre-printed checks. Customers switching from preprinted to blank safety stock have saved 80% or more on every check issued! The savings are even greater in situations where checks and deposit slips are printed for multiple companies and/or multiple bank accounts.

Customize check elements (including company logo, address, payee information, and more) using the same dual-screen GUI featured in our IBM i document creation solution. Secure digital signatures can also be incorporated to cut down on manual effort and costs.

“We just love Formtastic. We print checks, put them through the folder/sealer, and it’s quick and easy.”
Barbara Baase, Duro-Last