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When I First started my Career

When I First started my Career

I always laugh when I get those emails about “When I was a kid”

– I had to walk in the snow to school uphill both ways.

– We didn’t have “color” tv, we had to imagine the colors.

– If I wanted to change the channel, I had to get up and walk over and turn the dial.

– If the phone rang, I got up, walked over to the phone, picked it up and had to stand next to it if I wanted to talk to the person.

So today, I was sitting at my desk and a customer called in and said, “What is the easiest way to send a fax?” I thought to myself and kind of chuckled at the days when I first started working and would print out the page I wanted to fax, walk to the end of the building that the shared printer was at. Then I would go back to my desk and fill out, with a pen, the cover sheet and then walk back over to the other side of the building and send my fax out. I used to stand there for about 2 or 3 minutes to make sure it went through and wait for my confirmation sheet to print out. We used to get a line of people at the fax… Talk about the gossip spot.

Smile on my face, I told my customer, well I fax one of two ways, I open up the document I want to fax and just select print, then it opens up a Window Fax option. I choose my recipient from the address book and cover sheet and send. Or I just shoot over an email with the document as an attachment. I can put the fax number in my email “To:” field and it sends right over. The customer asked, “Can I do that”? I looked their company records and said, “Yes, actually both options are available to you.” Within minutes I was linked to her desktop and we had sent 2 faxes one from each module.

It amazes me how far we have come with technology. We are always on the edge of a new break through. With innovative companies like Quadrant Software, I am always eager to see what our development team can think up next.

So next time someone starts up with the old, “When I was a kid”, remember what it was like a few short years ago “When you first started faxing.”

Angela Green
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